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Name: Nelly Woods

Gender: Female

Age(13-19): 16

Orientation: Bisexual

Appearance:[img][/img] (Image her with much darker skin sinces shes black in my head)

Personality: Nelly is a silent person with a smart mouth. She prefers to stand in the background and quietly gather as much information as possible this way. For as long as she can remember, Nelly has been alone and likes to make friends but her extreme introvert persona along with her sarcastic option has made most people to believe her as cold, unfriendly, and judgmental. 

Bio (How did they end up in the academy?, a brief overlook of their past, ect.): After her mother died when she was 9, Nelly has in and out of foster care or on the streets. There is where she learned that it is better to blend in then stand out. After a while, she learned she could put that skill to a living in theft and information gathering, which worked for a while until her main provider got busted and ratted her out for a lighter sentence. Kill or be killed.

Talent (Only 1 or 2): Running and climbing

Weapon: Tomahawk

Weakness: She cant swim and refuse to go bodies of water more then 3 ft.

Other: (Optional)

Likes: Sweets, animals, music

Dislikes: Water, bugs, loud mouth people

Theme Song:[url][/url]